UNPLANNED Movie Preview-Thurs. March 28

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UNPLANNED Movie Preview-Thurs. March 28

As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation, Abby Johnson was involved in upwards of 22,000 abortions and counseled countless women on their reproductive choices. Her passion surrounding a woman’s right to choose led her to become a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, fighting to enact legislation for the cause she so deeply believed in. Until the day she saw something that changed everything. 40 Days for Life, HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid, Pregnancy Resource Center and Grand Rapids Right to Life, are sponsoring the preview of the movie UNPLANNED, on Thursday, March 28, 7pm at Celebration Cinema North. Tickets can be purchased by contacting any of these organizations or by going to this website https:// www.eventbrite.com/e/unplanned-movie-premier-tickets58001809975

Lent & Holy Week Schedule Available

We hope you and your families will join us this season for Stations of the Cross, Special Lent events, and Holy Week Masses. Dates and times can be found here.


Movie Screening of Angst – Mon. March 18, 7:30 pm

We hope you will join us for this very good presentation on the reality of unhealthy anxiety in our culture. The filmmakers created the film to help break the stigma around anxiety and open up the conversation around mental health. The filmmakers believe there is power in watching as a community and having permission to talk about it. The film is 56 minutes and will be followed by a panel discussion with Sister Colleen Anne Nagle of the Franciscan Life Process Center and our own, Mr. Zach Good. IN ADDITION TO PARENTS, WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TO ALSO ATTEND! All are welcome.

Ember Days – Dates of Observation

For those who have misplaced their reparation booklet or weren’t able to get one, below is an excerpt outlining the tradition of the Ember Days and how the parishioners of Sacred Heart are encouraged to observe it.

Fasting & Abstinence will be a powerful means of reparation during our Nine Month Novena. Accordingly, Sacred Heart will observe communal days of fasting & abstinence known as the Ember Days of the Liturgical cycle. Please make note of the dates and encourage others to take up this practice for the sanctification and good of the Church.

  • March 13, 15, 16 (Lent I)
  • June 12, 14, 15 (Octave of Pentecost)

What are the Ember Days? “At the beginning of the four seasons of the Ecclesiastical Year, the Ember Days have been instituted by the Church to thank God for blessings obtained during the past year and to implore further graces for the new season. Their importance in the Church was formerly very great. They are fixed on the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: after the First Sunday of Lent for Spring, after Whitsunday for Summer, after the Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross (14th of September) for Autumn, and after the Third Sunday of Advent for Winter. They are intended also to consecrate to God the various seasons in nature, and traditionally to prepare by penance those who are about to be ordained. Traditionally ordinations would generally take place on Ember Days. The faithful ought to pray on these days for good Priests. The Ember Days were once fast-days of obligation.” (Roman Missal)

“The days of fasting and abstinence of Ember Days, made allowance of one full meal, with meat at the principal meal only, except on Fridays where complete abstinence was required. The Code of Canon Law of 1983 no longer requires the observance of these fasting and abstinence rules for Ember Days. The Ember Days also are no longer universally marked on the General Roman Calendar. In the 1969 Calendar the observance of Ember Days was left to the discretion of the conference of bishops, and can be adjusted and expanded. In the USA most bishops have chosen to not officially observe Ember Days, but in other countries they are observed. While Ember Days are not part of the whole community worship, personal observance at home or small communities is not discouraged.” (Jennifer Gregory Miller – www.catholicculture.org)

View our Reparation Booklet

New Parish Office Hours

Our parish office hours have changed! We are now open Monday through Friday, 8:30am until 4:30pm.

This Week at FORMED

If you’re looking for a way to grow spiritually this Lent, check out this week’s FORMED Pick of the Week. In the six episodes of Into the Desert: A Lenten Study on Prayer Dr. Gray will share a method of prayer called Lectio Divina that will help you to hear God’s voice in prayer through the Scriptures. If you’ve ever wondered how to begin praying or felt like your prayer is one-sided, this series on FORMED will help you.

This week, go to formed.org and watch Into the Desert: A Lenten Study on Prayer.

More Info about FORMED

St. Joseph’s Table Celebration – Tues. March 19, 5pm

Traditional Italian St. Joseph’s Table Celebration

Sung Mass: Extraordinary Form
Featuring Baroque music by Lotte, Charpentier, Bach and Valls as part of the Grand Rapids Bach Festival
Solemn Procession with Litany of St. Joseph (Takes place in church after Mass)
Special Blessing of the Parish Hall, St. Joseph Statue and all Fathers
Parish Potluck Dinner in honor of the Patron of the Universal Church (Dinner in Hall)
Please plan to bring bread, pasta, salad/or wine
(Everyone is asked to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the local food pantry)

40 Days for Life Vigil-3 Sacred Heart spots left!

We still need 3 (three) people to sign up to fill the hours of 7am-8am, 1pm to 2pm, and 3pm-4pm. Online sign-up details below.


The Spring 2019 40 Days for Life Vigil is set to begin on Ash Wednesday, March 6 and will end on Sunday, April 14.  The days set for Sacred Heart Parish’s participation is Ash Wednesday, March 6 and Friday, April 5. The hours to be filled are from 7a.m. to 7 p.m.

Your presence on the sidewalk is crucial. Do not discount its value.  Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic manager, has stated that about 75% of the women coming for an abortion change their minds when they see people outside praying.

Let’s all make this pledge:

“We will not give up, we will not be silent, we will not stop praying, fasting, and standing in peaceful witness until every life is protected and valued.”  

The preferred way to sign up is on line, as described below.

Questions or problems?  Call Jane at 616-914-0305



1.Visit www.40daysforlife.com/grandrapids.

2.Log in to your account … or … create a login.

3.Click the green “Add Vigil Hours” box.

4.Click on the day you want to pray at the peaceful vigil.

5.Click on the hour you want to pray.

6.Enter your e-mail address.

7.All done! A reminder will be sent to you via e-mail before your prayer time. To receive updates from the local Grand Rapids campaign, e-mail a request to 40daysgrandrapids@gmail.com.

Sponsor a Weekend of Flowers!

Would you like to honor someone with flowers at Mass for a weekend? It could be for a wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day etc. Celebrations of any kind can be cause for flowers at Mass! Simply call the parish office or stop in and select a weekend, give a donation of $30 or more and Sr. Gabriela will be create a beautiful set of bouquets for the sanctuary in your honor.

Women’s Book Study on: Theology for Beginners by Frank Sheed

If your child asked, “What is a spirit?”  would you be able to answer? Is it the same thing as a soul? And what do we mean when we say that God is everywhere?  In fact, how do the truths of our faith really apply to our daily living?   In our next study on Theology For Beginners, Frank Sheed will help sweep away, what is for many, the intimidation of Theology and help us really see the deeper meaning of the truths our our Catholic Christian Faith.  You will share in the joy and excitement of theological discovery as you move through the pages of his book.   This will be a very stimulating study for anyone, and perfect for those who may consider themselves “beginners” in the knowledge of the Faith.  Please join us!

Study begins February 26th

Time & Date: Tuesday Mornings from 8:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Where: “Booster Room” off the gym

To Register: Contact Mary Tober at marymiryung@gmail.com

Nursery can be made available if mothers with little ones are willing to take turns watching the children.