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“The vocation and mission of the faithful can only be understood in light of a renewed awareness of the Church as sacrament or sign and instrument of intimate union with God, of the unity of the whole of mankind, and of the personal duty to adhere more closely to her.”
 – Pope John Paul II

As you have undoubtedly discovered already, the culture of our parish directs each person to the great task of becoming a saint. This is not something I say lightly. To do so means recommitting to your own interior life. It means dedicating your family to the service of Christ and His Church. Finally, it means cultivating a radical dependence on Christ as a community. I am pleased to be able to count you as a member of our community. As such we ask that you take the time to prayerfully review our parish fidelity commitment form and return it to the parish office as soon as possible. This is the way our parishioners are able to get involved with our ministries and inform us of their talents as well.

In my years of experience as a priest, I have found that a vibrant and faith-filled parish doesn’t come as a result of chance but is intentionally built from a base of prayer, talent and love. We welcome you and are excited that your presence will give us the opportunity to strengthen and enrich this beautiful parish community that God has given us.

God bless,

Fr. Ron Floyd

Sacred Heart 2023 Commitment of Fidelity

Click the printable Take Home Document 2023 to pray with AND complete the Online Pledge Form prior to commitment weekend which will be held Nov. 12/13.

Listen to these sermons:

Commitment Sermon Week 1 October 16, 2022
Commitment Sermon Week 2 October 22, 2022

Please complete the following:

  1. Read Father Floyd’s letter in the Take Home document above.
  2. Complete the Take Home Document, it will be available on Commitment Weekend, November 12/13.
  3. Contact the parish office if you have questions.
  4. Support Sacred Heart!

Thank you!

Are you on our Parish Roster?

Are you a part of our community, but haven’t yet officially registered your family with our parish? You are welcome to complete our PARISH REGISTRATION.

Parish Renewal Engagement Review

Since the introduction of our parish renewal in October of 2019, we have heard a series of homilies, and have engaged with parishioners in a series of 3 town hall sessions of virtual Town Hall Meetings (2 per session). If you would like to review any of these meetings or listen to the initial homilies, we provide them here.

  • Click Town Hall Meetings to view any of the six recorded Town Hall Meetings from April 2020, May 2020 and October 2020.
  • Fr. Sirico first introduced the opportunity for a parish renewal during a 5-week, pre-Advent series of homilies which were given from October 17, 2019 through November 24, 2019 . If you would like to review them, listen here: Parish Renewal Homilies

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