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Palestrina500 – LIVE on Holy Family Radio!

Listen! Jonathan Bading and Michael Tober on Holy Family Radio talk about Palestrina500: Sacred Heart Music Program 2025 – Holy Family Radio Tune in for the next installments listed here:

Monday, January 29, 3pm-4pm / Session One – Discussion:  Sacred Music & it’s Importance in Encountering God 

Monday, March 4, 3pm-4pm / Session Two – Discussion: The work of the Liturgy in building, maintaining, and strengthening a Christian Society (As the Liturgy Goes, so Goes man)

Monday, May 6, 3pm-4pm / Session Three – The Riches of the Rite of Rome.  The unique power of its Signs & Symbols. 

Monday, July 8, 3pm-4pm / Session Four – Man’s need for Beauty, Contemplation, and the Mystagogical nature of the Mass

Monday, September 9, 3pm-4pm / Session Five –  Personal Testimony – Our Journey and How the Mass has impacted our lives.    Live Questions on Air?

Monday, November 11, 3pm-4pm / Session Six –  Ready, Set, Go Palestrina500!  – A review of the event, live on air questions