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St. Vincent Neighborhood Mission—Needs your help!

We are currently unable to meet with all those asking for help due to a critically low number of volunteers.

What exactly does this ministry do?

Our volunteers meet with, pray for, and befriend those in need in our local and parish community. The overarching goal is to show Christ’s love to our neighbors by accompanying them through their hardships and seeking sustainable solutions. Sometimes this means helping them materially, but it always starts with listening, praying with, encouraging, and helping them negotiate a world that often forgets the poor.

We need help:

  • Occasionally monitoring our voicemail
  • Pairing up with other parishioners to meet neighbors in need at a safe location like Root’s Brew Shop
  • Listening to, praying for, and prudently considering how to best help our neighbors
  • Discerning how to best use funds donated by the parish
  • Planning service projects to raise awareness about poverty
  • Volunteering at the Christmas Market and other hospitality events for our neighbors
  • Meeting with parishioners to discuss our efforts, God’s graces, and new initiatives
  • Prayer in supporting the apostolate

Who do we help?

A typical neighbor calls seeking assistance with back rent or medical bills, as they have fallen on hard times. They or a dependent family member have become injured, sick, lost a job or work hours, have lost access to transportation, and do not have family or friends able or willing to help them. Sometimes it’s as easy as helping them fix a broken car so they can get to work. Or encouraging someone who has lost hope to send out some job applications. Other times it’s a single mom who was abandoned or abused by her husband who has tried to manage the household with multiple jobs, but rent payments have fallen behind the past few months and are in danger of eviction.

Often taken advantage of by, or getting lost in the system, the poor need advice on how to get thngs done or referrals to professionals who can help them. Whether it’s helping with bills, buying school supplies, or providing Christmas dinner—in all cases, it’s a son or daughter of God, your neighbor, who may be on the verge of losing hope in their dignity and God’s love. Christ has no hands on earth now but yours. Are you willing to help?

Interested in learning more or serving/praying? Contact Catie Southerton at

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 13, 6:00pm Adoration in the church. 7:00pmmeeting in Room 302 (classroom above the gym). Join for either or both!