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Monthly Memorial Association

WHAT IS THE “SACRED HEART MONTHLY MEMORIAL AND INTENTIONS”? The SACRED HEART Monthly Memorial and Intentions is a special offering made by parishioners of SACRED HEART, through which your intentions are remembered at a special Mass to be celebrated each month throughout the entire year.

WHY START SUCH A MEMORIAL? This Monthly Memorial fulfills many of your requests for monthly prayer for your special intentions or for those loved ones who are deceased; your intentions will be listed each week on the back of the parish bulletin. Your offering of $75.00 per year will help to support the parish.

WHAT IS THE REQUESTED OFFERING? A yearly offering of $75.00 is asked for the intentions to be remembered at this Mass, to be celebrated each month. You are all welcome to attend this Mass. HOW

DO I LIST MY INTENTIONS? You may list your intentions one of two ways. As one individual name: Mary Jones or you may list family groupings: The Jones Family. Multiple names may be listed but require an additional offering of $75.00 for each name listed.

WHEN WILL THESE MASSES BEGIN? As the memorial begins to form, and intentions are submitted, we will begin the Masses in June of this year. The “intention year” will then be from June to June. And then we begin again. If you wish to continue having your intentions remembered at these Masses, you will be asked to renew your offering each year.

HOW DO I BECOME PART OF THE “SACRED HEART MONTHLY MEMORIAL AND INTENTIONS”? Complete the Parish Monthly Memorial Form and return it to the parish office as soon as possible, with your offering of $75.00.

WHAT IF I HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS? Feel free to call the parish office at (616)459-8362, during business hours. We will be happy to answer your questions concerning the memorial. To Sign Up, Please Call the temporary parish number (616) 287-0256