What Makes this Auction Unique?

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What Makes this Auction Unique?

“A Roaring Twenties Gala” is a silent auction with HEART! Instead of tables filled with items you may only use for a little while, our tables are filled with items that give you a chance to help Sacred Heart Parish & Academy meet real needs with gifts that keep giving.

For example, at a HEART to HEART Table you could provide props for the drama program at the academy or furnish supplies to grow the religious education program at the parish. With a wide array of HEART to HEART Table sponsorships available, you are free to put your donation where your heart is!

HEART to HEART Tables Double Your Donation!

For every dollar you give at a HEART to HEART Table, another dollar is donated to Sacred Heart Parish & Academy. This dollar-for-dollar match was made possible thanks to the generosity of both corporate and individual donors from Sacred Heart Parish & Academy. The match money will only be accessed when all the needs have been met on the HEART to HEART Tables. The goal of the match is to inspire guests to collectively sponsor ALL of the needs on the HEART to HEART Tables the night of the event.

HEART to HEART Tables Are Easy!

There are no minimum bid amounts at a HEART to HEART Table. You can give 1 dollar or 100 dollars. The point is to work collectively to meet real needs of our faith community.

HEART to HEART Tables Are 100% Tax Deductible!

Whatever amount you choose to give at a Heart to Heart Table is 100% tax deductible. Remember, every dollar donated gets us closer to exhausting the dollar-for-dollar match money available for our Sacred Heart Parish & Academy community.

HEART to HEART Tables Are Fun!


Visit all 10 HEART to HEART Tables to receive a punch on your HEART to HEART Ticket (found on the back of your event program). Guests with 10 punches will be eligible to enter the HEART to HEART Table Raffle drawing to win a huge prize! No gift requirement to receive a punch. Guests can show their 10 punches to a Volunteer at the TV display to receive their complimentary raffle ticket.


Don’t miss the fun of watching the “big reveal” of our HEART to HEART Table Thermometers change at each table as real needs get closer to being met!