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Per ministérium Ecclésiæ indulgéntiam tibi tríbuat et pacem

“Through the ministry of the church, may God grant you pardon and peace”

The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is, along with the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, a sacrament of healing. Our Lord gives us this precious gift through the Church, appointing his priests to absolve us of our sins and assist us in our continual conversion to holiness. The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that “to return to communion with God after having lost it through sin is a process born of the grace of God who is rich in mercy and solicitous for the salvation of men. One must ask for this precious gift for oneself and for others” (1489). In order that this grace may be available to all the faithful, our priests make themselves available to hear confessions on Sunday before the 10:30 mass, before the 12:30 mass, and from 3:30-4:30 on Saturday.

Confession Preparation:

Confession How-To

Examination of Conscience

Confession at Sacred Heart

Confession is available at these times:

Saturdays 3-4:30 PM

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