Corpus Christi Procession & Celebration

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Each year in May, Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish & Academy families celebrate Corpus Christi in a special way. Following the final Mass of Corpus Christi, we process with the Blessed Sacrament through a flower-petal carpet (known as an Infiorata), and then head outside. We continue to walk down our neighborhood streets in song, praising our Lord, and pausing to bless several parishioner homes and greeting those who stop to watch.

An Academy student designs the Infiorata and Marijo Forrester, with the Little Flowers of Mary group, carefully assemble petals and greens to bring the design to life in the center aisle of the church. The carpet is displayed for all to see at each Mass until the procession passes through it. It is breathtaking!

We walk with Jesus through our neighborhood with the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart guiding our children in chant and singing with the choir. Our 2018 procession included Father Sirico, Deacon Bob McClintic, Sisters Mary Daniel, Angela Marie and Gabriela, along with several altar boys who supported the liturgical aspects of the procession and young girls, adorned in white, who sprinkled flower petals on the path throughout the entire procession. We stop along the way for short benediction services and bless the homes of several of our parishioners. With great coordination and aide from the Knights of Columbus who pass out water, serve as crossing guards, and offer rides, the over 200 souls who join us are able to make the 3+ mile journey. Upon returning to the church, we come together in fellowship for a delicious meal and beverages in the grotto, thanks to Mike Tober and many faithful volunteers. It is always a beautiful day adoring our Lord!

Photos from Previous Years