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Young people of Sacred Heart Parish & Academy travel each year during their Spring Break to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a week of Mission.  Sacred Heart has continued to advance the reconstruction efforts being done due to the extreme damage caused by Tropical storms, hurricanes, and natural flooding disasters the last few years.

Many along the Gulf Coast have managed to rebuild.  Unfortunately, many are still burdened by the harsh reality of losing everything, and not having enough to fully rebuild.   Some of the people hardest hit, who have fallen through the cracks of ongoing relief efforts are the elderly, the disabled, and very low-fixed income families living along the Gulf Coast. There are many people in serious need of spiritual and material relief.

The goals of our Mission are to successfully bring help to those most in need living along the Gulf Coast, as well as to create an atmosphere where everyone can grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.  Along with the construction projects we take on, the week long Mission includes daily Mass, the sacrament of reconciliation, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as time for growing in the knowledge of the faith.  This trip makes a lasting change both to the lives of those we serve, as well as the participants of the mission project.

To find out about this opportunity or to discuss ways you can sponsor this outreach ministry please contact Michael Tober, Director of Religious Education at: dre@shgr.org