Parish Prayer List – Updated as of July 5, 2020

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Parish Prayer List – Updated as of July 5, 2020

Sacred Heart of Jesus is keeping in contact with all parishioners during this time of Covid-19 quarantine.  Most of our parishioners are doing ok at this time and many have engaged in the effort to meet temporal needs expressed.  Some of our parishioners have expressed prayer needs. In our efforts to remain united and supportive to each other in our parish we will be keeping a list of prayer needs.  We are calling on all in our parish community to begin praying for these needs. Let’s support each other and be united in our prayer. If you have a specific request please either contact the person who left their contact information with you when the parish made its most recent round of calls or contact the parish office.   If your prayer has been answered on the list let us know. We want to give God the Glory!  

Specific prayers have been requested for:

• Families going through trials
• Unborn babies with health issues
• Repose of the souls of those who have passed
• Those with health issues
• Thanksgiving for the safe and healthy arrival of new babies
• Tom and Hope Novakoski joined in holy matrimony on June 13th
• Patrice and Rick Mitchell joined in holy matrimony on June 20th
• Success in a new treatment for parishioner’s son
• Richard Karminski
• Parishioner’s daughter in law for her physical recovery. She is a candidate in
their Denver parish.
• Repose of the soul of parishioner’s family member who died last week of
pneumonia and COVID-19
• parishioner’s miscarriage and subsequent trouble conceiving
• Salvation of parishioner’s son who has been away from church, struggling with
alcohol addiction and in trouble with law.
• Parishioner who is a single mother
• Parishioner’s spouse who is in Italy
• Parishioner’s family
• Parishioner’s sister who died on Christmas Eve
• Strength and trust in God
• Parishioner’s friends with financial strain
• Father Sirico’s relations in Italy
• Parishioner’s infant with a severe medical condition
• For recently deceased and those who mourn them
• New baby
• Parishioner’s small business
• Parishioner’s daughter who works for local hospital
• Elderly parents who live far away
• Friend who is pregnant who is a nurse and for family’s conversion
• Parishioner being laid off.
• Parishioner’s recovery from vertigo and headaches
• Parishioner who just turned 89
• Parishioner’s daughter who is a pulmonary nurse
• Parishioners who are homeschooling
• Parishioner’s health problems and healing of relationships
• Parishioner’s healing from triple bypass heart surgery


Consider joining in the Parish Wide Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

We will begin on Sunday, July 12th and end on Friday, August 14th.

Our office has electronic copies of the prayers in a PDF booklet. Please feel free to contact us!
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