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Sacred Heart apostolate to provide mentorship to professionals, entrepreneurs, and those seeking vocation in our parish! It is named “Cajetani” after St. Cajetan, patron Saint of job seekers.

The Basics: Cajetani (named after St. Cajetan, patron Saint of job seekers) is a group being formed at Sacred Heart to assist job seekers in our community. The program is modeled after Veterati, a program that helps military transition into the civilian workforce.

Why? Aware that there has been some general job uncertainty we want to have a sound community network in place should anyone in our community find themselves out of work. We also know that 80% of all job seekers will likely have the help of someone in their network in landing that next job. Our goal is to let people know that they are supported by the Catholic community in their time of need. 

How? Our goal is simply to support job seekers/mentees by giving them access to volunteer mentors.  We anticipate that the specific needs will include everything from resume review to LinkedIn profile assistance to prayer. You are signing up for one 1-hour meeting at a time. This is not a long-term one-to–one coaching relationship. The structure of the program is meant to be flexible to allow The Holy Spirit to have room to work in both mentor and mentee.

What we need from you: 

  1.   Please click the following form and fill out the form. It should only take a few minutes. We’ll contact you once we receive your information.
  2.   Provide us any feedback via phone or email as you see fit.
  3.   Pray for all job seekers in our community and that the program we envision will serve them spiritually and in a practical way.

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